Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Prediction

See who I pick for the big game...  

     I'm currently watching the Celtics blow their 11 point 3rd quarter lead to the Magic and it gives me a bad feeling about the Super Bowl. It seems as if nothing will go right for Boston fans this year. The Patriots' season can't be described as anything but disappointing. Being a Bruins fan is torturous - their shoot out loss last night to the Canucks being exemplary of their whole season. Everything seems to be falling out of place. 2009 saw Boston's two biggest rivals, The Lakers and The Yankees, win championships. I can't imagine anything more fitting than Peyton Manning, the Patriots' ultimate nemesis, winning another Super Bowl ring.
    I can't realistically think of a way that Peyton Manning can lose this game. He'll beat any blitz and come back from any deficit. He's got Dallas Clarke and Reggie Wayne. If they're out of the game then Collie and Garcon can catch over 100 yards. As much as I'd love for the Colts to lose I can't picture anything but the corpse of Jim Caldwell apathetically lofting up the Lombardi trophy. This is just not the year to be a Boston fan.

Final Prediction-
Colts 35 Saints 28

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