Monday, February 15, 2010

Got to Admit, It's Getting Better.

Peyton Manning's failure renewed hope for my own teams...

     I was in the bathroom when it happened. The play. The interception. I heard the cheers from the other room and darted out as fast as I could. I emphatically pushed through an apathetic crowd of casual to non-football fans. I arrived to the living room just as Tracy Porter was walking into the end zone. Everyone was standing; cheering. We yelled, locked arms, threw bottles. It was a momentous occasion. Not only had the Colts lost the Super Bowl but Peyton Manning lost it for them. My post earlier that day about dark times for Boston fans couldn't have seemed more wrong. I couldn't have been happier to admit it. The trifecta was not complete. Boston's three most hated rivals (Lakers, Yankees and Colts) did not all win a championship in '09. There was a vague glimpse of light ahead in the tunnel.
     Suddenly, it seemed like the Celtics could maybe turn it around and the Bruins could start winning games. Though the Celtics' next game against the Hornets was both uninspiring and depressing, fortune did turn around for the Bruins. Since the Super Bowl, the Bruins have won four straight. Sure, it's delusional to think that this team could bring home the Stanley Cup. However, it does bring a sense of optimism to a team that looked beyond fixing in its prior 10 game losing streak. The Celtics have looked god awful recently but are probably a trade and health boost away from becoming a contender again. If, in a single play, Peyton Manning can go from best quarterback of all time to a big game choker, anything can happen.

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