Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bring over Porter!

The disgruntled Dolphin, Joey Porter, may be a great target for New England to think about...
     It was clear this season that the Patriots' number one problem was a lackluster pass rush. This was a concern last off season and remains one today. A lot of people are throwing around rumors of bringing Carolina DE, Julius Peppers, over to New England. Though I don't disagree that he would bring some needed fire to a smoldering Pats' defense, I think his coming here would be unrealistic. He would require too much money. In addition, Peppers is also famous for being inconsistent and taking plays off. Something New England fans had a field day with this season with Randy Moss.
     A venerable pass rusher who is a possibility to hit the market is Joey Porter. Obviously, the Miami linebacker has not been shy about his hatred for the Patriots in the past. However, he has now turned sour towards his own organization, the Dolphins, and is asking for release. A trip to the Pats may be beneficial for both sides. Porter would be allowed to reap revenge on Miami twice a year on a competitive rival team (trying to dish out revenge on the Bills would just be sad). The Patriots would gain a proven pass rusher who's been to the Pro Bowl 4 times and led the Dolphins this season with 9 sacks, despite missing play time due to coach's decisions. At 5 million, Porter would also come at a much lower cost than Peppers. The disgruntled linebacker even said he's not looking for a lucrative deal. wire reported Porter saying, "I'm not asking for no more money. I'm not asking for nothing different. I'm just asking to play". In addition to his physical skills, Porter is also known as a leader on the team and is often shown getting his team pumped up before a game. After the losses of Bruschi, Vrabel, Harrison, etc this kind of veteran leadership is desperately needed by the Patriots. The deficiency in the locker room probably hurt them the most and should be something they look to fill this offseason. A trade could lead Porter outside the division, so the fact that he is looking for a release may suggest that he does seek revenge. Despite his declarations of hate for New England, the Dolphins may have made him angry enough that he'll consider putting on the blue and silver. I hope he does.

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