Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Soulless Sox

Why am I finding myself more a fan of The Phillies than The Red Sox?

Bill Simmons, writer for ESPN and famed Boston sports fan, had something interesting to say about the Yankees this year, "They're the team that the Red Sox used to be. This team that gets along and actually likes eachother". Watching this World Series I find myself beginning to agree with Bill. Not so much on the Yankees likability but rather the Red Sox's lack of it.

The Red Sox used to be that team where everyone had personality. The Yankees were the evil emotionless empire and the Red Sox stood for the common man. I remember the '04 team that took the World Series. The beards, Johnny Damon's hair, Schilling's bloody sock. There was nothing uptight about the Red Sox back then. I never really realized that the Sox were missing something now untill Bill said it and I watched the Phillies defend their Championship.

The Phillies are a likeable team. They remind me a little of the old Red Sox. Maybe it was just in Game 2, when I watched Pedro crack a smile as he headed to the dugout showered with Yankee fan boos. It made me miss the personality of the old Sox. Right now, down 3-2,The Phillies are playing with the same emotional fervor the Sox had in '04 and '07. An intensity that is lost in Boston's current ball club. Watching this year's World Series I find myself having an easier time pulling for Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley than I do rooting for the stern Jason Bay, Nick Green, or Dice-K. The Phillies seem like they care about the game and each other, their personalities show up every at bat. It's hard to say the same for many of the current Red Sox. While the Sox have a solid lineup - they've slowly lost the soul and identity that they had in '04. Boston needs more people like Youkilis, Beckett or Papelbon who show that they are actual people. They need players that can smile at the booing Yankees fans and less people who celebrate with a stern face..


  1. Nice and on the eve that the Yankees win the whole thing!

  2. Have to wonder if the situation with the captain, Tek, affected te heart of the team this year? Baseball, I think, ore than any other sport can really get into the mind games. Just look what happened to David Ortiz this year.

  3. You truly are a fool. You are making Bay out to be a bad guy. You would rather have a Manny taking steroids. Bay is class and shame you don't see it. He won a Silver Slugger for a reason...he's very good. Truly hope Sox fans are smarter than you. Otherwise, if you think Bay has no soul, perhaps you should stop following the Sox and become a pro wrestling fan. Seems that is what you want.

  4. I would love to have Triple X at DH, you're right.

  5. your a fucking idiot, there is nobody with personality on your team, big mope brian howard, big baby victorino, or statue still ibanez? chase utley? who has character? serious man halladay? we will crush you during interleague play you ugly bastard.

  6. Interesting but invalid point. It's as though Theo heard you. Fact is the Sox are full of characters, and players full of character.

    The personalities and leadership of Beckett, Lester, Martinez, Ortiz, Papelbon, Pedroia, face-palm Tek, Youk are supported by their awesome skills. Sure Daisuke, J.D., MDC, Oki, RRami are quiet. So what.

    The addition of more clubhouse characters and on-field leaders like Beltre, Bonser, Cameron, Hall, Lackey, Scutaro, Shouse and the Vulcan (Nelson) make your point, simply put, moot.

    This promises to be an uber-talented & deep team with players who love the game, and love to win. In S.T., they are already having a blast. This is a better team than last year and, I think you will agree, one that will be fun to watch.