Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 NFL Picks

The Bengals over the Bears, San Fran over Houston. See who else I pick to win this weekend!
Green Bay over Cleveland – The Browns D-line will be too sick with swine flu to sack Aaron Rodgers so he gets to pretend he has a good offensive line for once. Woop Woop!
GB 45 CLE 10
San Diego over Kansas CitySan Diego, frustrated by their loss at home to the Broncos, takes it out on the poor harmless Chiefs.
SD 35 KC 3
Indianapolis over St. Louis – Obvious call here. Peyton Manning has been dominating weak and struggling teams all season, why would the Rams be any different?
IND 35 STL 13
New England over Tampa Bay – Last week’s decimation of the Titans left the Pats feeling confident a week after their loss to the Broncos. Now they look to knock off another winless team. If Brady’s stint of missed throws is over this will be another easy one for the Pats
NE 28 TB 14
Pittsburgh over Minnesota – In Minnesota’s almost loss last week they showed some cracks in their pass defense. Big Ben is coming off a big week in which he threw for 417 yards and two touchdowns. Though that was against the Browns, I see Ben having continued success against the Vikings’ secondary. Plus with Favre’s famous knack for throwing interceptions, Polamalu should be in the end zone at least once
PIT 28 MIN 24
San Francisco over Houston – Probably not a popular pick but I like Frank Gore back and Michael Crabtree starting. With some weapons, the three and out prone 49er's offense can stay on the field and keep Matt Schaub from destroying them through the air.
SF 21 HOU 16
Carolina over Buffalo – The two headed monster is back and it will run all over Buffalo. Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart rushed for over 200 yards combined last week and I think they can do it again against this Bills D. With Buffalo giving up over 200 yards to Thomas Jones alone last week, they have now given up the most rushing yards in the NFL. The Carolina backs will have a great game Sunday.
CAR 28 BUF 13
New York Jets over Oakland – The Raiders pulled a great upset last Sunday but it’s not going to happen again. The Jets are too hungry for a victory after losing three straight. They'll have the perfect opportunity to get one this Sunday in Oakland.
NYJ 23 OAK 9
Cincinnati over Chicago – Both these teams are coming off losses but I think the Bengals are the more tested team. If they could beat the Ravens they can definitely beat Jay Cutler and the Bears.
CIN 28 CHI 17
Atlanta over Dallas – I’ve written Dallas off already - they almost lost to the Chiefs. Really, Atlanta is too consistently good to lose to a team as average as the Cowboys.
ATL 27 DAL 14
New Orleans over Miami – I think the Saints may be a little taken aback by the Wildcat at first but will make adjustments. I’m picturing the game to look a lot like when the Colts faced Miami. Brees takes the field, touchdown in 3 plays. Miami takes the field, touchdown in 20 plays. In fact I’m picking the score to be the exact same as when Indy took on the Fins.
NO 27 MIA 23
New York Giants over Arizona– Giants rebound from their loss and hand one to the Cardinals. Close game though, Cardinals almost win it.
NYG 23 ARI 21
Philadelphia over Washington – The Eagles aren’t going to lose to a bad team two weeks in a row, especially one going through as many problems as the Redskins.
PHI 28 WAS 13

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