Friday, November 13, 2009

Who gets the Wild Card?

After the Thursday Night Football premiere, I examine which team has a better chance at a playoff run, The Bears or 49ers..

     NFL playoffs are creeping up and as a result we can start thinking of legitimate post season contenders. Last night’s Bears-49ers game was one that could very well decide the NL wild card. In a defensive battle, San Francisco beat Chicago 10-6. However, neither team asserted itself as one that could make it past the first round playoffs, should they even make it. San Francisco is shaky at quarterback and can only get things going on the ground with Frank Gore. Chicago has the big name, overrated Jay Cutler whose pitiful performance last night puts him at the top of the league in interceptions (17). 
     If one of these teams is going to the playoffs, it would have to be the 49ers. With Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree starting only fairly recently, they have the next 6 games to find themselves in the passing game and make a legitimate run for a playoff berth. With an aerial assault that opponents can respect and the already explosive Gore on the ground, San Francisco may be able to defeat their remaining opponents. It also helps that they share a division with the ailing Seahawks and Rams.
     The Bears, on the other hand, have had plenty of time to prove what they can do with their weapons. They have shined at times but have more consistently floundered opportunities. If Chicago can figure things out and Cutler stops throwing interceptions, they could have a legitimate chance at a playoff run. However, that seems unlikely to happen and the stiff competition they face the rest of the season doesn’t help.

Final records for the two: Chicago Bears- 7-9, San Francisco 49ers, 8-8

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