Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Worst Teams in the NFL

Some teams are struggling, some teams are mediocre, and others just aren't very good..

Five weeks into the NFL season there is no team left without a loss. The high level of competition across the board has been a rarity in seasons past. Just three years ago the Patriots got as far as the Super Bowl without a loss. The year after, the Tennessee Titans shocked the world by not losing a game until November. Last year the Saints and Colts were both staring an undefeated season in the eyes until December. Now, in October, we can already say no team will go without a loss this year.

However, despite this parity, there's some teams that have continued to find ways to fail miserably. Here I give you the worst teams in the NFL..

The Carolina Panthers (0-5):
For a team that was a Super Bowl contender just two years ago, they have been absolutely awful. Currently at 0-5 in the competitive NFC South they can already be counted out of playoff contention.

Matt Moore ended 2009 extremely well - throwing 8 touchdowns and only 1 pick. Yet, his performance this season has been a complete reversal as he's thrown 6 interceptions and only 2 touchdowns. His ineptitude has been very surprising forcing him to sit out two games while his replacement, rookie Jimmy Clausen, has been at least just as worse.

Yet even more alarming for Panthers fans is that the two headed monster of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart isn't threatening anybody. They've only gotten one decent game out of either and these are the two guys that were expected to carry the offense. The Panthers are usually at the top of the list in rushing offense, but they rank only 22nd this year (99.6 yds/g).  Many people blame the quarterback issues as a reason for this. Saying defenses can devote more to the run. However, I'm not buying it because the Panthers were able to win the NFC South in 2008 with Jake Delhomme as their quarterback.

Their most recent loss against a quarterback-less Bears should really raise some alarms. If the opposing quarterback throws 4 interceptions and you still get blown out, there are some serious problems.

Before the season I predicted the Panthers to win 8 games and be 3-2 at this point of the season. Obviously, I was wrong. This isn't the year for Carolina.

The Buffalo Bills (0-5):
I predicted the Bills to win only one game this season and that one game was against the Jacksonville Jaguars last week. Seeing as they couldn't even do that, I'm not sure they'll win any games. In a year where nearly every team seems to be competitive, the Bills could conceivably go 0-16.

There are too many problems with the Bills to talk about here.

They were undergoing a transformation to the 3-4 but now there's talk that they've decided to scrap that and stick with the 4-3. I guess something has to be done for the 28th ranked defense (382.4 yds/g).

After trading away Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks they are only more starved for talent. They've got two good running backs, a quarterback that can put up meaningless fantasy stats, and one good receiver.

They've also got a tough schedule.

Coming up for the Bills (to name a few) are the Steelers, Ravens, Jets, Bears and Patriots. I could easily envision 0-16.

The Arizona Cardinals (3-2):
Oh, what a difference it makes when your Quarterback leaves for "Dancing with the Stars". Then again the Cardinals also lost a linebacker, a safety and two receivers (Boldin to free-agency and Breaston to injury). Despite Larry Fitzgerald still being on the team, this is a very different unit than the one that was a Super Bowl contender the last two years...and it's also a lot worse.

Obviously, their record doesn't show this. They are currently atop the NFC West - which isn't saying much - and are coming off a big win against the Saints. However, that was as fluky of a win as you'll ever see. The Cardinals' lone offensive touchdown came on a Max Hall fumble that was recovered by an offensive lineman for a touchdown. Between the two teams there were 4 interceptions thrown and 6 fumbles in the game. Nine times out of ten the Saints win that game.

More revealing of the Cardinals' play is the fact that they rank towards the bottom of the league in both total offense (31st with 240 yds/g) and defense (27th 382 yds/g). Also revealing is that the other times they've faced quality opponents, they've been completely blown out. Against the Falcons in Week 2 they lost 41-7 and then had deja vu two weeks later, losing 41-10 to the Chargers.

No team is afraid to face the Arizona Cardinals right now. That's why they are one of the worst teams in the NFL.

..Suprised not to see the 0-5 Fourty-Niners on this list? Stay tuned for the "Sleeping Giants in the NFL" coming soon..

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  1. I like watching the 49ers. I disagree they're a giant, though they are sleeping