Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Broncos will Beat the Jets: Week 6 NFL Picks

There's an upset every single week. Who can pull one off this time?

Green Bay over Miami (20-13)
Ever since it was rumored that the reason Bill Parcels stepped down as President of Football Operations for the Dolphins was because of his dissatisfaction with Chad Henne's development...I've been a little suspicious of the franchise. Henne's awful performance against the Patriots two Mondays ago certainly backed this up. Assuming Aaron Rodgers plays, I see the Packers taking care of business at home against a Miami team that may not be as good as we thought they were.

San Diego over St. Louis (44-9)
Though their 2-3 record doesn't show it, the Chargers are very good. If it weren't for some special teams mishaps and costly turnovers, they could be undefeated right now. Obviously that's no excuse for losing games. However, when you watch their games, you can't ignore the high level they can play at, especially Philip Rivers. He's already thrown for 1759 yards and 11 touchdowns, and that's without his top receiver Vincent Jackson. I doubt the the Rams' 22nd ranked pass defense can stop him.

New England over Baltimore (24-20)
You can read my breakdown of this game here!

Pittsburgh over Cleveland (21-6)
I'm hesitant to predict that the Steelers' offense will be explosive right away with Big Ben's return. However, it'll be powerful enough to steamroll the Browns. It also helps Pittsburgh that injuries have forced Cleveland to start rookie Colt McCoy and their biggest offensive weapon, Peyton Hillis, is banged up.

Kansas City over Houston (16-14)
The Chiefs almost pulled a big upset against a slumping Indianapolis last week, putting up several goal line stands. Many people have their reservations about the Chiefs but they at least proved that their defense is for real. With Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones all not 100%, I think Kansas City can pull it off this time over the slumping Texans.

New York Giants over Detroit (24-19)
I'd love to pick Detroit for the upset but I have a hard time seeing it. Calvin Johnson probably won't play and as good as Shaun Hill has looked at times, the Giants defense has looked better. This is one of the locks of the week.

Philadelphia over Atlanta (20-14)
I'm not convinced that Atlanta is as good as their 4-1 record. After losing to the Pittsburgh Defense and Dennis Dixon in week 1, they were able to crush the abysmal Cardinals the next week. Then Garret Hartley missed a game winning field goal that even I could've made. The past two weeks they've struggled to beat two teams whose combined record is 1-9. I think their luck runs out and Philadelphia exposes Atlanta.

Chicago over Seattle (28-10)
Chicago has turned out to be a surprisingly good team this year, as I predicted before the season. By contrast, Seattle has been absolutely abysmal on the road. They may have added Marshawn Lynch but I don't think that will be enough to beat the Bears.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay (35-21)
The Saints are not as bad as they've looked the past couple of weeks. While I am impressed with the Bucs this year, I think the Saints treat this as a statement game and remind everyone that they are the defending super bowl champions. That means Drew Brees puts up lots of points and invites Josh Freeman to play catch up.

Denver over New York Jets (21-13)
I have faith that Josh McDaniels can scheme up a way to beat the Jets' defense especially after just seeing a very similar scheme the week before. The Jets have been on a roll, winning four straight, and it's been largely without Revis. I don't think the shutdown corner plays this game either and it will finally show up as a disadvantage.

San Francisco over Oakland (24-19)
Probably the most popular pick of the week. The 49ers can't lose 6 straight, especially against rival Oakland. San Fran has one of the best running backs in the league and the Raiders have one of the worst run defenses. Niners get their first win or all hell breaks lose.

Dallas over Minnesota (31-24)
The Cowboys have a bitter taste in their mouths after last year's humiliating playoff loss. While the 'Boys have struggled with penalties this year and the Metrodome will only help to fuel that fire, they are the better team. That's mainly because Brett Favre is 41 and has elbow tendinitis.

Indianapolis over Washington (35-21)
Don't bet against Peyton Manning in prime-time. He will take revenge on the Redskins for his poor performance against Kansas City. I expect him to throw plenty of touchdowns to make up for the ones he didn't throw last week.

Tennessee over Jacksonville (23-13)
The Jaguars have one of the worst pass defenses in the league. Vince Young and Kenny Britt will light it up Monday night, especially when Jacksonville is putting eight men in the box to stop Chris Johnson.

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