Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will The Vikings upset the Pats?: Week 8 Picks

My Week 8 Picks

Here's the quick run down of my picks for today's games. Yes, Minnesota scares me injured Favre or not. Matt Light has struggled recently and I don't feel too confident about him stopping Jared Allen. I also have my worries about Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin..

Denver over San Francisco (24-17)
Jacksonville over Dallas (24-16)
Miami over Cincinnati (16-10)
Buffalo over Kansas City (23-20)
Detroit over Washington (19-12)
St. Louis over Carolina (20-14)
Green Bay over New York Jets (28-21)
San Diego over Tennessee (35-17)
Minnesota over New England (27-24)
Tampa Bay over Arizona (21-6)
Seattle over Oakland (28-14)
New Orleans over Pittsburgh (25-21)
Indianapolis over Houston (45-28)

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