Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boston-Cleveland Quick Hits: Lebron wins it for the Celtics!

What a could've been a good win...Thanks anyway though, King James.
This would've been a good win if basketball was like Hockey and ended after 3 periods. Unfortunately, there was a fourth quarter. In which, Boston was outscored 32-19 and gave up an over 20 point lead. They were suprisingly able to hang on and get a very disappointing win (as weird as that sounds).

Key Players: Ray Allen and LeBron James helped Boston secure the W. Allen went 6 for 9 behind the 3 point line and racked up 33 points. On the other side of the court, Lebron missed all 9 of his three pointers. Including two 26 footers in the last 4 seconds.

The Game Was Won When...: Lebron James was born. As good of a player he is (the best in the NBA) he fails at the late game clutch 3 pointers. This is sure to change soon so Boston might as well reap the benefits. He won the game for the Celtics tonight, hopefully he does us the favor again four more times in the playoffs.

It Made Me Really Wish There Were Only 3 Quarters When...: All of the Boston starters were in double figures and they played with that same energy from the Thunder game I liked so much. Too bad they only did it for 36 minutes. Hopefully the team finally learned their lesson.

The Celtics won but it's hard to say it was pretty. Just when I wrote something nice about them too!


  1. "The Game Was Won When...: Lebron James was born."
    Great line.

  2. "They were suprisingly able to hang on and get a very disappointing win (as weird as that sounds)". That sums up my feelings I was feeling as if the game was lost and badly and even the W was not enough to lift me away from blowing a 20 point lead agian...

  3. A win's a win by any count. Hope they learn a lesson every time they think it's in the bag!