Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Reasons to Hate The Jets

Pretty self explanatory. Read below...

The Boston-New York rivalry gets a lot of buzz. Of course, it's mainly the Red Sox and Yankees that stem all that hate and raise so many middle fingers. However, there's another rivalry between the two cities that garners a lot less attention, the Jets and the Patriots. This sports hatred is a little bit different. While Boston fans can at least have respect for the Yankees (they're consistently in contention for a title and have won an unprecedented 27 World Series) the Jets are another story. The gang green have offered little competition to the Patriots for the past decade, yet they continue to stick around like an annoying fly. Here's five reasons why they shouldn't...

1. They Talk Trash and They Stink: The Jets have become the kings of trash talk with Rex Ryan at the helm. The blimp of a coach's comments have ranged from refusing to kiss Belichick's Super Bowl rings to giving Miami fans the finger. Real classy. Sure, the Jets made it to the AFC Championship Game but that was more a cause of the Colts winning 14 straight, not a miraculous turnaround by New York. It's hard to make the case that the Jets would've gotten that far without the help of Curtis Painter. Even Rex Ryan thought they were out of it. Then, yes, they beat the Bengals and second seed Chargers but there is such a thing as luck. It was luck that got them into the playoffs and luck that got them as far as they did. It's like if Tony Allen made a buzzer beater from half court and then got crowned the next Lebron. Really, Jets fans should know better. Good things never last for NYC's second-class football team. Why would last year's late season success be anything more than a fluke? Has the torturous experience of being a New York Jet fan taught them nothing else? So when your team actually sucks and your franchise quarterback throws 20 interceptions, don't keep up the trash talk. Especially when your team just signed...

2. Ladanian Tomlinson: LT may have been great once but Jets fans must have cringed when they read that he was coming to New York. Really?! LT over Thomas Jones? One led the league's best rushing attack; the other, the worst. LT's horrid performance in recent years gives him no grounds to say, "it’s going to be one of my main goals to beat them [The Patriots] twice". Yeah...right. It's ironic that in January, Jets fans were celebrating whenever Philip Rivers handed off to this guy, and now he's on their team. LT will bring the annoying whiney attitude from the Chargers over to New York. His sulking from the sideline is going to make the Jets that much more hateable.

3. The Jets Are All About Fun!!: There's nothing more annoying and corny then hearing the Jets talk about how much fun they have. How Rex Ryan wants everyone to just be themselves. C'mon....this is football not Dora the Explorer. This quote from Jets WR, Jericho Cotchery, pretty much sums it up, 
"Everyone sees how much fun we're having, how guys are able to be themselves and express themselves however we want to express ourselves. But we work extremely hard, and we reward ourselves with the fun. A lot of players don't experience that fun. There are some people on the other sidelines who are jealous."
When I read that quote I don't picture someone fired up to compete and win a grueling battle on the football field. I picture someone parading around in short shorts and glitter paint. On top of that, there's Rex Ryan's crying episode. Honestly, football should be about discipline and winning. Bill Parcells or Belichick would've never allowed this happy-go-lucky, la-dee-da crap on their team. Honestly, do I need two more reasons?

4. The Fans.....: How about the Jets fans? They're the idiots that actually support this team after all the pain it's put them through. They're the delusional people that actually think New York has a chance to go far. They're the obnoxious crowd whose favorite chant is just a spelling exercise. These couple of quotes from Miami's (and hopefully not soon New York's) Jason Taylor sum up why they're on this list:
"The fireman hat guy [Fireman Ed], and all of the people in New York that are Jets fans are not the ones that are working on Wall Street." 
"I'm sure at heart they're good people. Most of them are good people. The Giants fans are a different type of people. Just put it that way. There's a little more class on the Giants' side, and some Jets fans take the 'c-l' out of class."
That's why it's always been the Giants stadium first, and the Jets second.  

5. There's Enough New York Teams for us to Hate, Jets Don't Help Lighten the Load:
This one came from my friend and it couldn't be more true. Honestly: the Knicks, Mets, Giants, Yankees, Bills, Rangers. The Jets aren't really helping things. Why not just make it easier on us Boston fans and dissolve?

     There's a number of reasons for the two fan bases to hate each other. They're division rivals; of course, and there's the whole Mangini thing. Another reason is just how dominant the Patriots have been of the Jets for the past decade. Since 2001, the Patriots hold a 14-5 record over New York. This is the reason Gang Green players were treating Week 2 against New England as their Super Bowl (in hindsight, they probably should've saved their energy for an actually meaningful the AFC Championship). The world would probably be a better place if the J-E-T-S ceased to exist. New York already has 3 football teams. Give another team a chance - it's only fair. 


  1. you're an idiot who's going no where with these writing skills. don't misinterpret that last comment. you have no skill. you live at your parents house still don't you

  2. i guess the patriots should try to incorporate a spelling chant for their team so people don't make the mistake that number 3 comes after number 3 and then straight to number 5. and the second number 3 means that the red sox fans are even bigger idiots because they're team let them down for something like 86 years. typical arrogant new englander.

  3. haha good job fixing it so you don't make yourself look like an idiot

  4. To people who don't live in New York or Boston, you guys are one and the same. Boston used to be the lovable losers, but as soon as you guys tasted a little success, you became the douchebags that Yankees fans have always been.

  5. the jets ain't going anywhere bitch yeah the pats have a better history but the future is now let's hear you talk when brady's on his back succumbing to that jets' d and don't start on your beloved "red sux" now that's a team that needs to dissolve let me know when you can win a season series 10 should be easy after winning the first eight right hmmm....

  6. dude, shut ur stupid pie hole, ur just mad because the gay sox and the gaytriots havent won shit the last couple years, u got embarassed by the ravens, ur coach literally cheated....ur telling me this guy who a lot of people think knows football didnt know the rules about videotaping the other team? who knows if it helped or not, we never will and to me any wins that gay team had under belichek before SPYGATE should be questioned....oh yeah and suck a dick with AIDS on the tip


  8. i think that your all faggots and you should shut the fuck up.

    you are diving too deep into things, the just are fucking awful. not as bad as the lions, but fucking bad. i think mike knows whats up.
    also if you have ever been to boston then you know there are the fans and the FANS just like every other fucking place that has teams no one place is better than any other. so have pride in where you are from and shut the fuck up your not on the team.

    love your work mike!

  9. Appreciate the support, Dave. Someone's gotta control the rising egos of Jets fans after they signed two washed up Chargers vets.

  10. and just signed santonio holmes, dude ur team has been having so many problems the past couple years, lets not talk about u signing washed up vets junior seau to name an example, u were known for that for a while, ur such a fuckin moron we got further than u last year, this league is about "what have u done for me lately" and ur team hasn't done shit, dumb as mother fucker

  11. I mean lately, the patriots almost won a superbowl after being the most dominant team in history for the first 18 games. Not to mention they won three superbowls a couple years before that. When were the last times (oops, I mean time) you were in the superbowl? Oh yeah, 1968. So what have the Jets done for you lately?

  12. YOUR cornerback Leigh Bodden just tweeted:

    "if I played Madden and it was out right now Jets might be my squad lol"

    Even your own players think the Jets are better!!

  13. Such animosity and total eloquent fodder by all these Jets players, I mean fans. Wow Guys it's April and if all the trashing of the pats hasn't taught you anything about talent not winning, go look at the 18-1 Pats. Talent didn't win there. It's early and nothing is won yet. Just enjoy the sport and chill with vitriol.

    P.S. For the ding dong talking crap about Boston and being tiny, other than NY every major city looks like Boston. Just an FYI Boston is almost 100 times larger than Central Park....look it up.

  14. Five Reasons the Pats Can Suck It:

    1. The Pats run is O-V-E-R! Getting blown out at home in the playoffs is embarrassing. One AFC team looked like they belonged in the playoffs, and it wasn't the Pats. It must feel good knowing that a ROOKIE outplayed the Brady in the playoffs.

    2. SPYGATE! Nobody likes a cheater.

    3. The Jets are getting better while the Patriots are getting worse. The Jets added Holmes, Cromartie, LT, and Pool. Who exactly have the Pats added. You guys got embarrassed by the Ravens last season. Good luck winning in the playoffs with the exact same team!

    4. The Bellicheats are getting OLD while the Jets and Dolphins are both still young and improving. Good luck winning with a bunch of no names on defense last year. No chance you guys win with Welker hurt.

    5. The Patriots are BORING as fuck. You wanna no why the Patriots players don't talk trash? Because they know they can't back it up!

  15. I'm a Dolphins/Yankees fan, and I couldn't agree more with this article. Being someone who lives in NY, I can tell you for a 100% FACT that Jets fans take the "c-l" out of "class" for sure. Their ignorance far exceeds that of any other fan base. Want more proof? Read some of the comments from obvious Jets fans. Nothing more then insults, and non sense. No intelligent counter arguments. Perhaps because their is no intelligence from a fan base that has to constantly spell out it's team name, just to remember how it's pronounced.

  16. See? Atleast Yankees fans are intelligent.

  17. Being a Patriots fan, you always want more. Hell, you always EXPECT more. That comes from dominating the NFL for as long as we have and having "fun" along the way. In fact,this has been one of the greatest and most prolific runs in NFL history. One that has shattered records of all kinds. Just awesome.

    But then it all ended on that "helmet catch" followed by the "knee heard round the world". And suddenly we looked up and its been 6 years and counting since Brady last won a Super Bowl. 6 years.

    No, really.

    But we choose to look at the division glass as HALF FULL. The Pats are still the division champs after all, and happen to still have one of the greatest QBs in NFL history in his prime and under center in Foxboro. I happen to like that. And that QB is now 2 years removed from his ACL injury. I happen to like that even more.

    You have to say the Jets, supposedly saddled with the free agency restrictions that come with being an "elite eight" team, really made some serious noise in picking some young guys with baggage, but with some undeniable talent. Those moves are certainly a risk PR wise, but they come with very low financial and draft pick compensation. Well done, Tannenbaum.

    But please J-E-T-S fans, try to refrain from hoisting the Lombardi trophy just yet. Heighted expectations are often accompanied by a harsh reality. It has to be won on the field. And when the Pats win the division title yet AGAIN this year...JUST LIKE THEY HAVE FOR ABOUT THE LAST DECADE. Dont say we didnt tell you so.

  18. Lino and Mike, I couldn't agree more. Patriots fans, like us, have been spoiled. The superbowl victories, the MVP QB, and the great coach, how is it not possible to expect more? But these very classless Jets fans are getting way too cocky, and Belichick might need to cut him a piece of his "humble pie". It's April, and the Jets seem to be concentrating on who is the best right now, but it's about who's the best come January and February.

    As for anonymous who said the Pats can "suck it":

    1. That "one" AFC couldn't have been the Jets either. I saw the Colts there (sadly).

    2. Didn't cheat during the SB years. No proof.

    3. LT? I'd take Thomas Jones over LT anyday, hell, I'd take Kevin Faulk or Maroney anyday. Chemistry's lookin' up in the Jets' locker room.

    4. The Patriots defense does need work, there is no question about it. Adalius will be gone, Wilfork will be healthy, the draft picks from last year have a year of experience under their belt, and the Pats aren't restricted by the "elite eight" policy. Oh, and almost forgot, DRAFT PICKS! Brandon Graham, Damian Williams, Golden Tate, (Dez Bryant maybe), Arizona tight end Gronkowski, CB Spivey from Iowa, Toby Gerhart, and maybe someone like a Sebastian Vollmer who comes out of nowhere that Bill sees. Ever heard of Julian Edelman by the way? He's that guy you thought was Wes Welker.

    5. False altogether. Brady will jaw a little bit, and they don't do it often because they don't need to. They've been taught well and are a classy team. Winning is just part of the job, they're used to is. The Patriots spread offense is one of the most exciting in football, so cross boring out as well.

    New England's not a city, it's a region. So I think we're just fine with the size of it. Thanks though, Anonymous.

    Samir, are you serious? The gaysox/gaypatriots? AIDS jokes? Talk about tasteless. But most teams would be thrilled about the past decade of Boston sports. 3 Superbowls, 2 World Series titles, and an NBA championship, I'm satisfied.

    Love your stuff Mike, I saw your link on and can't agree with you more about Papi.

  19. Thanks for the comments Sam and Lino. You both raise good points and I appreciate your insights.

    I also appreciate the compliments, Sam!

    I'm going to become a contributor to so be sure to catch all of my Celtics thoughts over there soon!

  20. Two Words: Bill Buckner

  21. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    HAHAHA touche!

    Anyway, this is also a very biased article Mike, but at least this time the title made the content of the article expected.

    I welcome your hatred of the Jets. To be hated, you have to be good. Clearly we're a good team, and you've shown you're aware of that. You've yet to rant about Brandon Marshall going to Miami probably because you know the Jets are scarier. I'm sure you also dislike the Bills, but they're too bad at the moment to be worth writing a thing about.

    Like I said, you have to be good to be hated. The Patriots are probably hated more so than the Jets are. I'd want to be the most hated team in the league. Just look at the Yankees. I hate their guts. You hate their guys. Just about every baseball fan hates their guts. Even if they spend twice as much as the next highest-spending team, they're still the most successful franchise in history, which is also why they're probably the most hated team of any sport.

    It's probably another reason that Dallas was both "America's team" and the most hated team in the league at the same time. It's likely the reason most of America rooted for Arizona over the successful Steelers, or the Saints over the successful Colts. The more success you have, the more hated you will become, and clearly the Jets 2009-2010 success has stirred up some hatred in you.

  22. haha. There's some truth to that, Dan. That's not the whole story though. It's kind of like the Jets were just the little kids of the AFC East, always getting beat up and pushed around. Now they're getting older. I don't want them to get older (and better). I want everything to stay as it was. I liked just having to pretty much worry about the Colts and Steelers.

    This article I wrote before the Pats and Jets faced each other a second time in '09, pretty much sums up my feelings: