Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 11 NFL Picks

See who I pick for Week 11!!

Indianapolis over Baltimore- I don't think I'm alone in this pick. A prolific pass offense against a struggling Ravens defense. Also, every team that has beat the Pats so far has had a similar fate - they beat their next opponent and then lose three in a row. Hopefully a similar fate befalls the Colts.

Dallas over Washington- I was so anti-Cowboys for so long, even when everyone else was jumping on their bandwagon. As soon as I started picking them to lose they started winning. Last week I decided to join everyone else and pick them to win and of course, they lost. So I'm picking Dallas in hopes that they actually lose.

Detroit over Cleveland- The Browns are easily the worst team in the league. Their best player is their punt returner.

San Francisco over Green Bay- Alex Smith will figure things out and Michael Crabtree will have a big game. Aaron Rodgers will be sacked 80 times again.

Jacksonville over Buffalo- Jacksonville is emerging as a legitimate playoff contender and Buffalo just fired its head coach mid season. You tell me.

Pittsburgh over Kansas City- When you play a close game against the Raiders you're not going to last against the Steelers.

Minnesota over Seattle- The Vikings will have a harder time with the Seahawks then they did with the Lions but still come out with an easy victory.

New York Giants over Atlanta- They've had an extra week to prepare and the Falcons are slumping right now. The Giants are a good team despite all their recent struggles. They will start bouncing back this game.

Tampa Bay over New Orleans- I have to pick one major upset. The Saints almost lost to the Rams, the Bucs are better than St. Louis right now so this gives them some hope.

Arizona over St. Louis- The Rams had their chance for an upset last week.

San Diego over Denver- It's weird to think that Kyle Orton not playing will greatly affect a game, but it will.

New England over New York Jets- The Jets got an early season victory over a recovering Brady without Wes Welker or Jerod Mayo on the other side of the ball. Not so easy this time.

Cincinnati over Oakland- Every week at least four teams get an easy victory. The Bengals are one of them this week.

Philadelphia over Chicago- I hate Jay Cutler and I can't wait to see him blow another one this week.

Tennessee over Houston- The Titans have all the momentum on their side and I have confidence that they can win the rest of their games and get to the playoffs. It won't be easy though and the Texans won't roll over for them.

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