Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Patriots Curse + Week 12 Picks

I explain my theory of why any team that beats the Patriots this year is cursed, including Indy. Plus my picks for the week....

     Football is filled with curses. Everyone knows about the Madden curse. Whatever player appears on the cover of the video games is bestowed with misfortune. Look what happened to Polamalu this year, Vince Young in '08, Michael Vick, etc. etc. The list goes on. I have a theory about another vexation that has appeared this year, the Patriots curse. Any team facing the Patriots should consider the fates of the first two teams that beat them. In those cases the Pats' two bad halves turned into two bad strokes of luck for their opponents. 
     The curse happens like this. After beating the Patriots, the team wins their next game and then loses three straight. It happened to the Jets early in the season. Bursting with confidence after their victory of the Patriots, New York disposed of the Titans 24-17. From here on began the trend that put the Jets in the position they are now. They lost to the Saints, Dolphins, and Bills. Each one after the other. Their season eventually proved to be ruined. 
     The case was no different for the Denver Broncos. After beating the Patriots in overtime, Denver faced the rival Chargers and beat them 34-23, taking their spot as Division leaders. The Broncos were teeming with confidence. They led the AFC West, were undefeated, and everything was good for them. Then their season took a turn for the worst. They lost to Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington, and San Diego all in a row. Now they've gone from leading their division to barely holding on to a Wild Card spot.
     The next team to beat the Patriots was the Colts. The stars seem to be aligned for the Pats curse to do a number on Indy as well. Like the other curse victims they beat their next opponent, Baltimore. Today they head to Houston with a struggling Manning and without Dwight Freeney. This game is a must win for the Texans, and after losing to the Titans last week they will want  to take out their frustration on the ailing but undefeated Colts. If the Texans pull this victory out the Colts will have to next face the resurging Titans, who have now won 4 straight, and Broncos, who absolutely dominated the Giants on Thanksgiving. Don't be surprised if the Pats curse strikes again and Indy is 10-3 by week 15.

Week 12 Picks-
Atlanta over Tampa Bay- 21-13
Philadelphia over Washington- 27-17
Seattle over St. Louis- 17-12
Carolina over New York Jets- 21-14
Cincinnati over Cleveland- 23-3
Houston over Indianapolis- 14-10
San Diego over Kansas City- 31-20
San Francisco over Jacksonville- 22-17
Minnesota over Chicago- 21-15
Tennessee over Arizona- 17-14
Baltimore over Pittsburgh- 24-12
New England over New Orleans- 34-27

Upset of the Week
Buffalo over Miami- 24-21

Though they lost 18-15 to Jacksonville last week T.O had a big game, compiling 197 receiving yards. The Bills could ride some confidence into this game and pull off an upset if the ball keeps getting in T.O's hands. On the other hand, I think the Dolphins' key injuries will prove too much for them. They seemed to be fine last week without Ronnie Brown or the Wildcat, as Ricky Williams scored three touchdowns over the Panthers. I don't see them having similar luck this week. The Bills are a division rival and will be more prepared for this beat up Dolphins team. 

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