Friday, December 10, 2010

Jets Due for Another Let Down.. Week 14 Picks

The Jets have had trouble with Miami in the past, don't assume that to go away this Sunday...

The Jets were exposed last week against the Patriots in a 45-3 trouncing. Brady and the New England offense looked nearly unstoppable against the much vaunted Jets defense.

“We've got a zillion corrections to make”, said head coach; Rex Ryan, after the team’s humiliating loss to New England. “This is a copy cat league and if some team's successful about something, then you better get it fixed”.

Many expect the Jets to bounce back against the struggling 6-6 Dolphins, however, Miami has matched up pretty well with New York.

While the Jets got the win in Miami earlier this year,  the Phins have had a lot of success against Rex Ryan’s club – sweeping them last year. It’s not a given that the Jets will return the favor in 2010.

In my pre-season predictions, I predicted the Jets going through a losing streak at some point, as they did last season. The Patriots could have potentially sent them down that slope. 

Indianapolis over Tennessee (28-10)
Buffalo over Cleveland (24-21)
Atlanta over Carolina (27-10)
Green Bay over Detroit (31-17)
Oakland over Jacksonville (17-13)
New York Giants over Minnesota (21-14)
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati (20-14)
Washington over Tampa Bay (16-14)
New Orleans over St. Louis (28-21)
San Francisco over Seattle (13-10)
Arizona over Denver (14-10)
New England over Chicago (24-20)
Miami over New York Jets (30-24)
San Diego over Kansas City (24-7)
Philadelphia over Dallas (35-21)
Baltimore over Houston (24-21)

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