Sunday, November 7, 2010

Super Bowls Champs that Lost to Bad Teams

Don't overreact, the Browns upset shouldn't spoil the Pats' Super Bowl hopes

With the Patriots getting upset on the road at Cleveland, one can't help but second guess the team. At least just a little bit.

While the Browns may be getting better, they're still in the bottom half of the NFL. When a good team loses to a bad team, the good team is questioned. However, it's worth noting that previous championship teams in New England have been upset as well.

In 2004 the Patriots lost on the road, 29-28, to a Miami team that ended up winning only 4 games that year. The 2003 Pats lost to only sub. 500 teams. They were blown out the first game of the season 31-0 by Drew Bledsoe and the Buffalo Bills - who finished 6-10 that year. Weeks later they fell to a Redskins team that finished that season 5-11.

It's not just New England either. Recent Super Bowl champions who've been upset by bad teams: The '09 New Orleans Saints lost in week 16 to a Buccaneers team that finished the season 3-13. The '06 Indianapolis Colts were upset by the 6-10 Houston Texans at the end of the season.

If all of these teams could fall to bad teams and still win the Super Bowl, I think the '10 Patriots will be quite all right. The loss may even be a good thing..

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