Friday, November 12, 2010

Can the Bills Avoid 0-16?….Week 10 Picks

My pick for the Bills’ last winnable game and all the others

The 0-8 Buffalo Bills host the 2-6 Detroit Lions this Sunday with a lot on the line.

If the Bills are going to avoid going 0-16, their best chance is against the team that did just that back in 2008.  First, because their schedule gets miserable after this week and second, the game will be in Buffalo.

The ‘07-‘10 Detroit Lions are tied with the ‘01-‘03 Lions for most consecutive losses on the road (24). Not a record to be proud of. The last time the Lions won a road game was October 28th, three years ago.

The Bills and Lions, possibly the two worst teams of the past decade, have only met twice since 2000, and split the series 1-1. The last time the two teams faced each other was back in 2006, a game the Lions hosted and won 20-17.

Buffalo has actually been pretty impressive in most of their losses this year. They put up 30 points on New England, took the Ravens and Chiefs to overtime, and nearly had the Bears last week. Many think they are bound to squeak out at least one victory sooner or later.

Problem is – as previously mentioned – their schedule gets pretty brutal after Week 10. Upcoming for the Bills are Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Cleveland, Miami, New England and the New York Jets.  Half of those games will be played on the road and none of them will be easy.

The Lions are their last best chance. Don’t expect the Bills to win many games this year, but at least expect them to win one.

Buffalo over Detroit (17-13)
Minnesota over Chicago (21-14)
New York Jets over Cleveland (20-7)
Indianapolis over Cincinnati (24-13)
Houston over Jacksonville (28-24)
Tennessee over Miami- (31-15)
Tampa Bay over Carolina (24-10)
Denver over Kansas City (23-14)
Seattle over Arizona (24-19)
New York Giants over Dallas (27-20)
St. Louis over San Francisco (17-10)
Pittsburgh over New England (24-21)
Philadelphia over Washington (28-17)

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