Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bucs over Ravens?: Week 12 Picks

Josh Freeman and the Buccaneers can expose the Ravens

The Ravens are bound for a collapse sometime soon. It nearly happened against the Buffalo Bills, when their vaunted defense gave up over 30 points and was forced into overtime. It almost happened last week when the Panthers pulled within a score late in the game before Carolina's QB, Brian St. Pierre (who was a stay at home dad just days before getting the starting job with the Panthers) threw two pick 6s.

The Ravens have a suspect secondary, and an overrated quarterback. They were almost exposed against two bad teams, I say this week a good team in the Buccaneers finally opens everyone's eyes. The Ravens are not elite.

New England over Detroit (24-21)
New Orleans over Dallas (28-17)
Cincinnati over New York Jets (27-24)
Green Bay over Atlanta (27-14)
Pittsburgh over Buffalo (28-10)
Cleveland over Carolina (14-7)
Tennessee over Houston (35-28)
Jacksonville over New York Giants (24-13)
Washington over Minnesota (24-14)
Miami over Oakland (19-14)
Seattle over Kansas City (17-14)
Tampa Bay over Baltimore (28-17)
Philadelphia over Chicago (27-10)
Denver over St. Louis (24-17)
San Diego over Indianapolis (35-31)
San Francisco over Arizona (14-10)

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