Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pats Going Old School: Branch is Back

After sending Randy Moss to Minnesota to re-unite with his old team, the Patriots have re-united with Deion Branch.

The Moss trade had many in New England puzzled. The Patriots' offense was expected to carry a young and struggling defense yet they traded their biggest weapon away. However, with reports of Moss' frustration with his contract and direction of the offense it's clear a change had to be made.

If you have to replace Moss, who better to replace him than the Patriots' former Super Bowl MVP, Deion Branch.

Branch's knowledge of the Patriots' system and low price made him the ideal choice. However, New England just has to hope he can stay healthy. Deion Branch's tenure with the Seahawks has been riddled with injuries as he never played a full season with the team.

Branch is currently the Seahawks leading receiver - which isn't saying much - he has only 13 catches for 112 yards and a touchdown. However, he will now be joining the NFL's highest scoring team (32.75 average).

Branch has had some great moments with the Seahawks. Patriots fans may remember his brilliant performance against New England in 2008, specifically his 63-yard catch and run play in the 3rd quarter.

For more of what Pats fans have missed of Deion Branch while he's been in Seattle.. Here's some highlights!

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