Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect Timing for Red Hot Red Sox

The Sox are Primed to Take Over the MLB's Top Spot

After spending their day off traveling to Coors Field for a 2007 World Series rematch, the Red Sox woke up this morning to find themselves just a half game back from first place. The Yankees were blown out of the water in Arizona last night, giving Boston's favorite team a golden opportunity to possibly move into first place with a win tonight.

The Sox have taken a backseat to their Beantown neighbors for the last couple of months. First, it was the Bruins who stole the attention. From their dramatic post-season turnaround to their history making collapse, Hockey had wrapped itself around the hearts and minds of Boston fans in April and May. Then, it was the Celtics. A team that, in flipping a post-season switch, turned the spotlight on themselves as they battled the NBA's best and nearly came away with the grand prize. All the while, under the radar, the Sox were mustering a miraculous turnaround of their own.

Since pulling a dramatic comeback against the Yankees on May 18th, the Sox have found their rhythm. They've dug themselves out of the 20-20 record they held at that date (their worst start since 1997), posting a 23-8 record since that victorious clash in New York. They've emerged within a game of holding the best record in the entire league.

Boston is a Red Sox town. And now, the Sox have the city's full and undivided attention. The last time the Sox were given the limelight was opening day - and they did not disappoint. That night, the Sox spurred a late inning rally to secure a 9-7 win over the hated Yankees.

After the Laker's crushed the hopes and hearts of Celtics fans in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, the Sox were in the spotlight again. Quick to cheer up the downtrodden fans; they exacted sweet revenge on LA's Dodgers, sweeping them out of town amidst chants of "BEAT LA"!. Not only did they sweep them, but they did it in entertaining fashion as well - as if to show off their perks to the newly expanded audience.

The series had plenty of attention because of Manny Ramirez's return to Fenway, and the Sox put on an entertaining show. The first game (a 10-6 rout) showcased the offensive firepower at Boston's disposal. Currently, the Sox are putting up phenomenal hitting numbers. They lead the league in hits (689), runs (390), doubles (174), RBIs (373), and slugging percentage (.468). They trail only Toronto in home runs (hitting 93 compared to the Blue Jays' 106).

They won the second game in as dramatic a fashion the sport of baseball can get - a walk-off single by Pedroia. The final game - a pitching gem. Buchholz earned his 10th win as he held the Dodgers to 3 hits and 0 runs over 6.2 innings. The 1-2 punch of Buchholz and Lester has been phenomenal to watch this year and key to the Red Sox's success. Especially amidst Beckett's injury and the inconsistency of their other starters.

Now, the Red Sox enter tonight's game primed to take over the competitive AL-East. After Boston fans witnessed two heart-wrenching losses these past few momths, the Sox are providing the perfect dose of winning to cheer them up. Perfect timing for the Red Sox to get hot.

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