Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 10 NFL Picks

The Pats over Indy. Jags over New York. See who else I pick to win this weekend. ( DUE TO AN ERROR I HAD TO REPOST THIS. IT WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 11-15-09 )

Minnesota over Detroit- One of the best teams in the NFL right now against one of the worst. This one's pretty obvious.
New Orleans over St. Louis- See above...
Miami over Tampa Bay- The Bucs and Josh Freeman had a great day against the Packers last week. However, I'm not sure this team is ready to pull off two upsets in a row. Miami will be looking to get revenge on someone after their loss to New England, and they'll take it out on Tampa Bay.
Tennessee over Buffalo- Vince Young and Chris Johnson have helped The Titans become a formidable team again. I would love to see them win every game left and make it to the playoffs. Knocking off the struggling Bills would be the first step.
Jacksonville over New York Jets- Maurice Jones-Drew will have to have a big game but I think the Jags can pull off an upset here. The Jets have shown cracks in their defense since week 4 and haven't been able to fill them up. Also, missing Kris Jenkins and Leon Washington puts them at a disadvantage on both sides of the ball.
Denver over Washington- The Broncos have struggled recently but it's been against good teams, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Redskins have lost to The Chiefs and Lions, giving both their first wins of the season. The Broncos get an easy one here.
Cincinnati over Pittsburgh- The Bengals are going to sweep their division this year and make it far in the playoffs. They're a lot more dangerous than most people give them credit for. The Steelers will be much better prepared for them this time though, with Polamalu back. I think The Bengals take it in the final minutes.
Atlanta over Carolina- Atlanta has been the more consistent team, only losing to good teams. It would be hard to qualify the Panthers as a good team. Division match ups are always tough though, this one will be close.
Kansas City over Oakland- Really hard to pick someone here. Possibly the two worst teams in the NFL. I have to go for the team with Vrabel and Cassel though.
Dallas over Green Bay- Green Bay is not going to make it very far if they can't protect Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has been sacked 37 times at a rate of 103.3. Facing one of the best pass rushes in the NFL, with 20 sacks on the season, the Cowboys easily take this one.
Arizona over Seattle- The Cardinals are slowly proving themselves to be as good or better than they were last year, if anyone's going to prove them wrong it won't be the Seahawks.
San Diego over Philadelphia- It's hard to choose one or the other as both are on about the same level right now. San Diego has more momentum now though with a big win over the Giants.
New England over Indianapolis- The biggest game of the week and probably the year. Does this game remind you at all of the Saints-Giants game earlier this year? The Giants garnered a lot of hype for not losing to bad teams, while the Saints defeated their share of tough opponents. The Giants were decimated by New Orleans and they haven't recovered since, losing 4 straight. The Patriots have already faced some great teams that have chances to go to the playoffs - the Ravens, Broncos, and Falcons. The Colts have been beating on the Rams and Seahawks. Their biggest win was an almost loss to The Texans. I think other teams have shown how to shut down Peyton Manning, but no one's done the same for Brady. It also helps the Pats that Randy Moss will be up against a rookie corner. Everyone's predicting a close high scoring game. I'm predicting a rout.
Baltimore over Cleveland- I still think Baltimore's a good team, despite them being handed some big losses. Cleveland, however, is undebatably bad. It's not an issue of if the Ravens win or not, It's an issue of if they blow them out. If Baltimore can't do something that the Bears did, I'll consider them a bad team.

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